Who’s Managing Your Domain?

Domain Ownership: what to do if a domain is managed by someone outside of the school

How important is your web address? If you’re new to eSchools you may be keen to retain your old web address for several reasons – branding, consistency, retaining your position in a Google search etc. If you or your local authority manage your domain, this is a straightforward process to point to the new website. However, if your domain is managed by another individual, this could be difficult.


How familiar is this scenario? During the initial set up of your website, one of your parent governors (let’s call him David), opted to purchase the domain for you, because David’s a nice person and he wants to help you out as much as he can. He registers for the domain and all is well. Later on, David and his family move away from the area to a new school, so he can’t continue being a governor. But now you need to repoint the domain to the new website, and the only person who can access the settings is David. What do you do?


The best solution is to ensure you manage your domain in the first place, but, failing that the cheapest way would be to get in touch with David as he may be willing to either a) transfer the domain to you or to eSchools to manage on your behalf or b) manage the domain settings to point to the new site. The first option is best as it means you will always have access to your domain moving forward. 


Let’s say you can’t get hold of David as he didn’t leave you a forwarding address. Your next option would be to get yourself a brand new domain. This does come with a few problems; your old site will continue to be live until the person who owns the domain takes it down or discontinues the renewal. It will also take Google some time to recognise and list a new domain, so anyone searching for you may see your previous site higher on the results list than the new one. Talk to our support team if you need to purchase a new domain.


Take the trouble to find out who manages your domain – it could save you time, money and a lot of stress later!