Website Design Amends


As much as we would encourage you to ‘future proof’ your design so as not to incur additional design changes in the future, sometimes circumstances warrant a small amendment. You may have a new logo or a new motto, images within the design may need an update, your school colours may even need changing.

Main website content can be changed using the website editor, so let us know if you need assistance with this. Further changes, such as the moving of content and some colour changes can be actioned by our Support team and will not incur a cost. Minor design changes can also be scheduled in – a cost may or may not be applied depending on the scale of these, but we shall endeavour to make amendments free of charge wherever possible. Our team will be happy to look at your requirements for you.

If you have multiple amendments you may wish to think about a full refresh, details of which can be seen here.

Call our Support team with your enquiry or click the link below to be taken to the Contact page.