Through a dedicated portal, parents can view their child’s attendance, homework progress, class topics and group pages. Parents can book parent’s evening appointments and receive communications from the school office, all with just one login.

Letters Home

Contacts are able to view all correspondence from the school in one place via the Letters Home tool. There may be attachments to download from here. Check Letters Home regularly for new emails.



The Class function shows a list of all the classes your children are attached to. Click on the name of the class to open the homepage and see the content that the teacher has added. Teacher can also add a class notification here.



Contacts are able to view all homework that has been set for their children. Through this tool they can also monitor grades and progress.

Parents Evening


The Parents Evening Booking function is an easy way for parents to book appointments with teachers. Once an event has been set, parents can view available appointment slots, select a time and print a schedule.



Teachers are likely to create areas for other groups such as after school clubs or sports activities. You will be able to see information on your children’s groups through this function.



The ePay function allows you to make direct payments to the school. This online payment facility makes the receiving of monies easier and secure and parents can pay direct to the school, eliminating the need to send children into school with cash. Parents will need to have a PayPal account, and this can be obtained via the ePay tool.



Download the eSchools app for smart phones which can help you keep up to date with notices and communications from the school as well as being able to monitor your child’s attendance and homework on the move.



Personalize your platform by using the Settings function. Here you can change your password and your profile photo. You can also add a colourful theme to your platform’s background.



Having trouble logging in? Click the link below to find out more information.