New School Year Checklist

1 Sep 2017


Welcome back and we hope you’ve had a relaxing summer!

To help ensure a smooth start to the year with your eSchools platform, here are some answers to our most popular first day questions.

1) What do I need to do to ensure eSchools updates for the new school year?

If all the information on your MIS (i.e. SIMS) has been updated all you need to do is ensure it’s turned on so we can pull across the new information. Our team are monitoring this for you, but please get in touch if we don’t get in touch first!

2) We use SIMS and have had a new server installed over the summer. Will this affect the integration with eSchools?

If you’ve had a new SIMS server installed please let us know as we will need to install the Wonde integration software on your new server.

3) When will the new user accounts be created?

Pupils (and their associated contacts) will appear on eSchools on their enrollment date. New school staff will appear on their contract start date.

4) How do I create new user logins?

You can create login slips and parent/carer letters with just a few clicks thanks to our new and improved user login generator. See our tutorials for more information.

5) What will happen to last year’s class discussions?

Every September we get a lot of requests to delete all historical class discussions so teachers can start afresh with their new pupils. With this in mind we will be removing all posts made before 1st September. Please note we will not be removing group and project discussions unless requested. Historical discussions are retrievable so please contact us if you’d like them reinstated.

If you have any questions or require any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.