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If you're looking for an easy-to-use Remote Learning solution, eSchools is here to help! We're offering schools free access to our Teaching & Learning tools until 12th July 2021* so your pupils can continue their learning wherever they are.

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    * Offer available to schools not already using eSchools Teaching & Learning tools and those that didn’t redeem during the free offer period ending 19th March 2020

    Remote learning

    Teachers can utilise the following tools to ensure learning is uninterrupted when they’re away from the classroom. This could be due to absence, school closure or because of a school trip or residential. With your eSchools tools, location does not need to be a barrier to learning!

    Through your eSchools platform, students can access resources and assignments and even have the opportunity to submit work and request teacher guidance digitally. There are a range of ways to communicate and collaborate remotely, including…

    Online Homework


    Yes – students can do their homework at home! With online homework tasks will be set for absentees too! Nobody needs to miss out on the tasks that have been set due to sickness, and your teachers don’t need to spend as much time helping returning students to catch-up on work they’ve missed. You can also set specific assignments to individuals or groups, such absent students. Click the link below to see how the homework function works…



    Keeping tasks and resources within the Projects area can be so helpful to students who are away from school. Being able to access classroom resources remotely gives them the opportunity to follow along from home. What’s even more beneficial for teachers is that they don’t have to create additional resources for those absentees – simply set the project for the whole class as usual! Click the link below to see more on Projects…

    Class Discussions


    With Class Discussions your students can communicate and collaborate from different locations. Absentees don’t have to miss out on class topics or discourse – add thought sharing and topic related conversations to the Class Discussion. Students not present can contribute to the debate live or see what ideas were exchanged upon their return! Click the link below to see more on Class Discussions…



    A great tool for using within the classroom, Blogs is also perfect for students working independently outside of school. Whether the tool is used to create a holiday or residential diary or to achieve a specific task set by the teacher, Blogs are a great way of creating content remotely. Students may share their blog with others and invite comment from their peers or teacher. Click the link below to see how Students use Blogs…




    You can share specific files with individual students, class or groups, so creating a project file to be shared with an absent student could help them keep on top of classwork whilst they’re away from school. Files are also a great way for Teachers to share school or class resources with a substitute teacher or colleague, if they happen to be away from the classroom. Click the link below to see more on Files…




    Groups can be an invaluable tool for Teachers distributing information to specific sets of students or colleagues. If your sports teams or after school groups are offsite, you can ensure that those students and their parents are kept informed of what’s going on through the Group Notice Board. Use Groups for Residential events and parents/carers can see the latest news and updates posted while their child is away. Click the link below to see how Groups can work for you…

    Additional Support

    The eSchools Academy can provide more support on the tools and topics discussed here…

    Free Training


    Remote training is unlimited and FREE! If you need any further advice on the areas discussed here please get in touch. We can provide online training at a convenient time for you. Click the link below to book a training session today…



    Our support team are on-hand to help with any queries you may have. To discuss how your eSchools platform can assist in the event of a closure, please get in touch by clicking on the link below.


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