Advice Collection: Smarter Logins

Avoid Shared Accounts

A shared password could be lost or forgotten. An individual account that you can manage yourself (changing your password regularly) is vastly more secure than a shared one!

If errors are made, it is more difficult to pinpoint who may have made them (or to rectify them) when you use a shared account! 

It is much easier to manage your own account rather than a joint one; if you forget the password and need to reset, you can do it easily (even from home) and don’t have to contact colleagues to ensure they are aware. 

If you have an MIS integrated to eSchools, you already have a personal login – you just need to use it! Your administrators can assist with this. See more by clicking the link below.

Your Safety

Our staff consider the safety of your platform the highest priority. With this in mind, we cannot reset passwords over the phone, as we cannot ascertain the validity of the person calling.

Help us to help you. Change your initial password to something you will remember.

To help you further, ensure there is a unique email address against your record within your MIS (i.e SIMS, Integris etc); this will allow you to use the “I’ve forgotten my password” link on the login screen, if you ever draw a blank!

Schools that do not have MIS integration (if your package involves the website only for example) can create individual accounts by again going to CP > Users and clicking the ‘Add new user’ button. See more on this by clicking the link below.

Account for Supply Teachers

You can create utility account for supply teachers, so that they can have access to eSchools if you do not wish to add them to you MIS.  Administrators can create these generic accounts manually.

If you wish to reuse these accounts for different supply teachers, remember to change the password each time their tenure comes to an end. See more on this by clicking the link below.