Pre-Written Copy

We've written some handy text for you to pass on to your users (whether they are teachers, students, parents or governors). eSchools will save you time, save you money and increase engagement, so to help you pass on the news, simply copy and email the pre prepared text below. Our pre-written copy relates to different suggestions throughout the year so check back occasionally for more!

Promote The Weekly Hoot updates to Teachers!


The eSchools newsletter – The Weekly Hoot is a great resource, featuring tips & tricks to help you get the most from your eSchools platform, news of free online training sessions, new features added to your platform and more!

We’re keen to encourage teachers (as well as administrators) to subscribe so that we can promote some of the incredible functions available to them. Admins can encourage teachers to receive the¬†weekly email by forwarding on the pre-written text in a simple email!


You may not be aware that our website and platform provider, eSchools, produce a free weekly round-up of news, tutorials and updates called the Weekly Hoot, which arrives in your inbox each week. I already subscribe, but there is always lots of information that would be useful for teaching colleagues.

Recently, the Weekly Hoot has included:

  • Free Teacher Training offers
  • eSchools blogging, messaging & online homework tips
  • Advice on website accessibility
  • A weekly quiz!

The Weekly Hoot often covers items that relate to teachers rather than Administrators, with emphasis on how eSchools platform can assist you. Highlights include:

  • Time saving tips
  • How eSchools can help you meet aims within the National Curriculum
  • Opportunities for one-to-one training
  • Unique individual awards

It’s easy to subscribe (and means I won’t have to forward it on each week!); just click the cog icon in the top right hand corner when logged into eSchools and update your Communication Preferences (you can see a video guide here). That’s it!¬†

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