Next Steps for Teachers

We have created further exercises for teachers who have completed the First Steps tasks. These will introduce you to the more involved functions that are part of the teaching package. If after logging in, you cannot see some of the functions listed on this page, these may need to be turned on for you - speak to an administrator at your school or use the contact page to let us know.

1. Projects

  1. Now that you have created a class page, let’s create a Project that we can share with our students. This project will stay with you, meaning you never have to recreate it for future classes.
  2. Now that the Project is set up, add some content to the existing templated pages.
  3. Why not browse and copy some of the other Projects created by schools using the eSchools platform, saving even more time?

2. Homework

  1. You can opt to add a Homework to your Project or create one through the stand alone tool. The Homework tool gives you the chance to set a task for your students and monitor assignments as they are completed by students using the platform. You can mark homework and give feedback to your students here.

3. Groups

  1. If you can create a class page, you can create a Group page for after school clubs, sports teams or for when you want to split your class into smaller sets for particular projects. Firstly create your group, with a name and add participants.
  2. Add content to your group so that participants can see notices, conversations and bespoke projects.

4. Staff Chat

  1. Create an online community with your colleagues using Staff Chat. School staff will be able to view, engage and contribute to conversations and topics started here.

5. Parents Evening

  1. As soon as a Parents Evening is created by an administrator, you will be able to monitor appointments and set your own breaks. Set your breaks prior to the booking window opening for parents to ensure you’re not left without any!