Next Steps for Students

We have created the following exercises to get you used to some of the tools you'll be using as a student. If after logging in, you cannot see some of the functions listed on this page, these may have been turned off for you. DON'T WORRY! Just move onto the next one!

1. Projects

  1. Take a look at any Projects that your teacher may have set for you. Explore this area. There may be documents to download, videos to watch or homework to complete.

2. Homework

  1. Take a look at any Homework that may be set for you. Homework will have a deadline date; ensure your homework is completed before this time!
  2. You can look back at your Homework after the completion date to see if your teacher has graded it and maybe advised you with some comments.

3. Groups

  1. Take a look at any Groups that your teacher may have included you in. Click on the Group name to see more.
  2. There may be discussions here that you can also contribute to.

4. Blogs

  1. Click on Blogs to start creating your own.
  2. You can set your Blog to be seen by your Class or just your teacher. If you set it for your Class to view, they will all be able to send you comments.
  3. Once your Blog has been set up, add a post.
  4. You can add pictures, video and text to a Blog post.
  5. Add as many posts as you like.