Next Steps for Governors

We have created the following exercises to get you used to some of the additional tools you'll be using as a Governor. If after logging in, you cannot see some of the functions listed on this page, these may not be part of your school's particular package; simply move onto the next.

1. Messages

  1. Try sending a test message to another Governor. Ask them to reply to your message so that you can monitor how this appears in your inbox.
  2. Send another message to the same colleague – this time ensure that the ‘broadcast only’ switch is on. They will not be able to reply to this message.
  3. Delete these two messages.

2. Groups

  1. You can create a Group page for any committees you may be part of. Firstly create your group, with a name and add participants.
  2. Add content to your group so that participants can see notices, conversations and bespoke projects.

3. Governor Chat

  1. Create an online community with other Governors using Governor Chat. Governors will be able to view, engage and contribute to conversations and topics started here.