Next Steps for Administrators

We have created the following exercises to get you used to some of the additional functions that are part of the Administrator's package. If after logging in, you cannot see some of the functions listed on this page, these may need to be turned on for you - use the contact page to talk to our Support team, we can check if these tools are included in your contract.

1. New Users

  1. Generate logins for new users directly from the panel on your dashboard.
  2. You can also generate individual login letters and slips for existing users who have forgotten their details.

2. eDinners

  1. With eDinners, your teachers can take a dinner register alongside an attendance register. Ensure dinner registers are available per class by going to CP > Classes > click on the name of the class > tick the box to activate eDinner registers.
  2. Go to the admin panel and set specific Meal Types and codes.
  3. Click Set default options for students to assist your teachers.
  4. Print off a report for kitchen staff. Schools with the ePay function will also be able to set eDinners as a cost for parents to pay for them online.

3. Staff Chat

  1. Create an online community with your colleagues usingĀ Staff Chat. School staff will be able to view, engage and contribute to conversations and topics started here.

4. Parents Evening

  1. As Parents Evening draws closer, set up an event with the parents evening booking system.
  2. You can set up automatic notifications to remind parents to book or send a reminder to all parents as the event draws closer.
  3. You’ll see that once an event has been created, you can make manual bookings on behalf of your parents and download a report of your bookings.

5. ePay

  1. Schools that would like to set up an ePay account should contact our Support team for information on setting up a PayPal Merchant account.
  2. Once set-up, create individual ePay items.
  3. You’ll notice that you can record payments manually or refund and download reports of transactions here too.