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January 19th 2022

We’re focussing on the website editor throughout this month in our regular round-up of advice.

Forthcoming Webinars

The website editor is really user friendly, but there are additional ways to use the tools which may assist you to share information with parents and prospective parents. We’re hosting a FREE 30 minute webinar which will go into more detail on the content management system and show you some helpful ways in which you can use the available tools; including:

  • additional uses for the Staff Member tool
  • the pitfalls of overusing or embedding calendars
  • the benefits of the News tool
  • class page options
  • additional support that eSchools can provide and more. 

There are two sessions to choose from; 

  • Wednesday, 26 January 2022 at 11am 
  • Thursday, 27 January 2022 at 2pm 

To register for either event click here, you’ll receive a confirmation email and instructions to login on the date and time selected. We very much hope you can attend!

Spring Clean!

A new term is the right time to give your website a spring clean!

When adding additional content throughout the year, it can be easy for your website to become cluttered or difficult to navigate! If you would like your website content to be condensed, hidden, rearranged or moved, we can assist!

Get in touch with our support team who can assist with managing your website content.

Tip of the Week!

Your website has a pre-approved font set as part of the design. This means that unless you specifically change the font in the editor, your writing will retain the expected typeface. 

So, unless you need text to display in a different font (and there is a range of fonts inside the website editor for content creators to employ), there is no need to amend the typeface within the ‘add text’ tool. See more information here.

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 12 January 2022

Welcome back! We hope you had a good break and are looking forward to assisting you in 2022!

At the start of a New Year, you might be thinking about making some resolutions! We can help you meet your goals. 

Want to improve parental engagement? Consider the way in which you are using your website, internal class pages or communication tools. There may be smarter ways in which you can encourage parents to monitor your communication channels and save administrative time. Click here for more communication tips.

Want to increase online learning? Schools benefited greatly from the online learning tools with students needing to access work at home; remember that teachers can also use this as a place for storing and sharing Projects and Homework. These can be re-used or edited in the future, saving your teachers precious time. Click here for more information or book a demonstration via our support team.

Want to save money? Not only can promoting the eSchools app save you money, but you can also monitor usage to ensure you’re not paying too much for texts as the year progresses. Take a look at more of our money saving tips here.

Want to update your website design? Get a fresh new look for the new year, without having to move content or learn a new website editor! See more here.

Free refresher training on these areas is always available, and if you would like to add some of these additional tools to your package, you can! Contact our support team for more information or a quick demonstration.

Are you considering moving MIS this year? If this is the case and you use our communication and/or teaching and learning tools, it is important to let us know as this will halt the flow of data to eSchools. We can ensure that the integration software is re-installed when your new MIS provider is in place and, if necessary, provide a migration service to ensure teachers do not lose any of their content.

Your new provider may also cause a difference in the eSchools functions you use. We can give you advice on whether your choice of provider will give you access to more or less eSchools tools.

Adding accreditations to your website footer is easy! Go to Website Settings and add a key word (eg. ‘Silver’) into the ‘Filter accreditations’ field, and every accreditation with that keyword will appear. From there, click on the accreditation you wish to add. If you can’t find the appropriate accreditation in the library let us know – we can add it in minutes!

Note that there is a size limit (45 pixels) for new accreditations so that they comfortably fit in the footer.

For more information on how to add accreditations, see our short video here.

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December 15th 2021

It’s the final Hoot of 2021! We’ve just a few final reminders for you before we all wrap up for the year…

Our Support channels will remain open until 5pm on the 22nd December and will reopen at 8.30am on the 4th of January. Any enquiries made via our ticket system during this time will be reviewed when we return.

Remember to check the eSchools Academy if you need any help or guidance. There is a wealth of advice in a variety of formats including downloadable guides, short ‘how-to’ videos and FAQs.

We’re so pleased with the number of schools that shared their Christmas activities and achieved the Seasonal Star eBadge!

A compilation video of all of the winners as well as more information on the schools and their activities can be seen here

The best tip we can offer this week is to have a happy, restful and safe break! We wish your staff and students a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

We very much look forward to engaging with and supporting you in 2022!

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December 8th 2021

Can you believe that we’re so close to the end of term? With that in mind, here are a few reminders to think about before schools close for Christmas…

Ensure your parents have downloaded the eSchools app

Keep in touch with parents over the holidays and add return dates to your calendar. This’ll reduce the enquiries you have about when students are expected back! See more.

Give your website a tidy

Take this opportunity to hide or remove any unnecessary information from your website. Information for new starters was important last term, but perhaps not for the forthcoming one! Remember if you want to reduce your categories by moving content, we can help! Get in touch for more information.

Give yourself a Christmas gift!

If you’re looking to treat your school this Christmas how about increasing the number of eSchools functions within your package. Bolt-on communication tools to stay in touch with parents or add the learning platform to ensure students can learn online wherever they are. You may also want to give your website a make-over with a refreshed design for 2022 – see here for more information.

There’s only a few days left to share your festive highlights and attain the Seasonal Star eBadge! Whether you’re performing the Nativity, hosting a carol concert or simply decorating your school with Christmas cheer – we want to see it! Email your seasonal activities or share them on Twitter with #eSchoolsSeasonalStar. 

You can see successful badge winners and get some ideas of what other schools are up to here

Teachers thinking about holiday homework might consider the Blogs tool. It’s a great way for children to create a diary or one-off report about some of the things they’ve been doing when away from school.


A blog post doesn’t have to be purely text based – students can include video, pictures and downloadable items too! Students can also opt to share their blog with the teacher or the whole class, so everyone can stay in touch and share their experiences. Click here for more detail on this tool.

Answer our Monthly Poll question, and don’t forget to have a go at our weekly just-for-fun quiz too! Answers to last time’s quiz: 1. Edinburgh 2. Perth 3. River Tay 4. Shetland 5. Orkney