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January 19th 2020

Coming next month and running until April, each Weekly Guide will have a special Teacher Focus section, looking at tips, good practice, features and more for teaching staff. 

Whether your school’s teachers are familiar with eSchools or brand new to your platform, there’ll be helpful advice and guidance on a wide range of topics. Teachers can subscribe directly to the Weekly Guide by following the simple steps in this quick instructional video!

We also have news of a brand new feature coming soon! Our online homework tool will soon include a new option to make it easier than ever for teachers, parents and students to be notified of homework through their eSchools platform and app! Keep an eye on the Weekly Guide for details of the launch of this new feature!

Our latest Catch-Up video on Governors will be coming your way this week. You can see previous videos here. If this month’s theme has struck a chord with you, we’d like to hear about it! 

  • Perhaps your Governors have found this month’s advice has helped their understanding of the tools available in your Governor portal.
  • Perhaps you have used the platform tools in a way we haven’t illustrated and have found this has helped your school.
  • Or maybe you’ve spotted something we’ve forgotten! 

Add your first-hand feedback using the form on the Catch-Up page and it will be featured on the Academy’s Community page. Sharing your methods and experiences is helpful to other schools within the eSchools community and showcases the many ways to utilise the tools within your eSchools platform. 

Answers to last year’s weekly quiz can be found below: 

  1. (2) Read more 2. (4) Save money 3. (6) Get a new job 4. (8) Drink less 5. (9) Sleep more

January 12th 2020

Our new season of catch-up videos focusing on Governors launched earlier this week. If you missed the first one, don’t worry, you can catch up here! A new video is delivered directly to your inbox each week, so stay tuned for more content on Governors throughout the month.

On the subject of Governors, we’ve created a new collection of guides in the eSchools Academy’s ‘First Steps’ section just for them! If your Governors are new to eSchools and want to see what’s available to them, please direct them to the Academy here. There are also guides for Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents here too!

We also have a couple of reminders to draw your attention to this week:

  • You may be planning Parent consultations this term. If so, there’s lots of advice on how to use our Parents Evening Booking System on the eSchools Academy pages.  You can also see how our recently-added registration tool provides a simple and easy way to record Parents’ attendance at your Parents’ Evening events!
  • We’re always keen to hear your views so we can continue to improve your eSchools experience, as such we’ve just launched a new questionnaire! We’d be very grateful if you could spare five minutes to let us know your thoughts….thank you!

Why not have a go at our half term quiz? To enter click here (you could win a prize!), or you can take a look at our weekly just-for-fun quiz here!

Answers to last year’s weekly quiz can be found below: 

  1. Capricorn 2. Hogmanay 3. Robert Burns 4. Jools Holland 5. U2

January 5th 2020

We hope you had a restful time over the New Year period and are looking forward to the first term of 2020! You may be considering some New Year’s Resolutions! If so, why not ponder some of those below…


  • Learning something new is a popular resolution for many of us so why not learn something new about your eSchools platform! Whether picking up tips from the Weekly Guide, utilising the advice on the eSchools academy or taking advantage of free online training, there are many ways to learn more about your eSchools platform in 2020! 
  • Health & Fitness will feature in many of our resolutions, so why not consider the Health & Fitness of your school website too! We have a whole host of resources to help you get the most from your school website focussing on website accessibility, tips & tricks and much more! For those looking for fresh new design for 2020 our website team are here to guide you through the simple process
  • Saving time & money regularly tops the list of resolutions…whether you’re looking to reduce costs communicating with parents, save time organising Parents Evenings or distribute homework in just a couple of clicks, your eSchools platform can help! For further information on the tools available within your eSchools platform please contact our support team here and remember… online training is unlimited and FREE!

A new season of
catch-up videos will launch next week, focusing on Governors. What tools are available to them? How does their platform differ? How to manage their accounts? We’ll reveal the answers to all these questions and more directly to your inbox! 

There’s a brand new half term quiz for you to take a look at – see more (and enter to win a prize)
here, or you can take a look at our weekly just-for-fun quiz here!

Answers to last year’s weekly quiz can be found below: 

  1. Gordon Ramsey 2. Jamie Oliver 3. Gino D’Acampo 4. Rosemary Shrager 5. Lorraine Pascale

December 15th 2019

With the end of term fast approaching we hope everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break! To celebrate, our friends at First News have produced a super Quiz, all about the events of 2019 for you, your students and your parents to enjoy! You can easily download the quiz directly from your eSchools platform homepage – just click on the promo panel!

There’s still time to achieve your Seasonal Star eBadge! Submit pictures, videos, stories or links from your school website via the online form here.  If you need a little inspiration, take a look at some of the fantastic content we’ve already received from schools achieving their Seasonal Star eBadge! There are photos, tweets and much more…don’t forget to keep checking back for more school success stories! 

Should you require any assistance on the run up to Christmas our Support team will be on hand and available by email & phone up until 5pm on the 20th December, returning at 8.30am on the 2nd January 2020. The Weekly Guide will be back in your inbox on January 5th.

There’s a brand new half term quiz for you to take a look at – see more (and enter to win a prize) here, or you can take a look at our weekly just-for-fun quiz here!

Answers to last week’s quiz can be found below: 

  1. Robin 2. Blackbird 3. Chaffinch 4. Blue Tit 5. Nuthatch