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Each week this update will bring you the latest news from eSchools HQ!  The updates feature tips & tricks to help you get the most from your eSchools platform, news of free online training sessions, new features added to your platform and more... please see below for this week's update.

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February 10th 2019

After the popularity of last week’s online training looking at website queries, we’ve scheduled another, this time looking further at some of the changes that can be made to your website.

Would you like more information on:
Changing colours and fonts?
Updating logos or mottos?
Updating the contact page?
Updating the whole design?

Our free Live Online Training event will cover all of this and more on Monday 11th February (tomorrow). Click here to see more details, and to register your interest directly. If you cannot attend at the stated time, don’t worry, add your details and we will send the recording for you to view at a more convenient time.

February 3rd 2019 

Each week this update will bring you the latest news from eSchools HQ! This week we’re focussing on your eSchools website…

Your school’s website is an important tool – it is the first stop for your existing and prospective parents, holding important news, updates, calendar events, as well as statutory information to meet Department for Education requirements…

With this in mind, it’s easy for your website to become cluttered, effecting accessibility and navigation for your visitors…don’t worry as your eSchools support team are here to help!

Perhaps you feel you:
Would benefit from fewer categories?
Would like some website pages moving?
Want to save time by using the website more efficiently?
Would like to streamline the content on your website?

We’re available to give you free advice & support on how to manage your website content; please just get in touch with our Support team via or 0845 557 7056 to see how we can help.

We also have a free Live Online Training event looking at some of these common queries on Monday 4th February. Click here to see more details and how to register your interest. If you cannot attend at the stated time, don’t worry, add your details and we will send the recording for you to view at a more convenient time.

27th January 2019

This week we bring you news of your new look dashboard, as well as some brand new features to help increase parental engagement! Please see below further details on the recent developments…


Welcome to your new look dashboard – we’ve given it a bit of a spruce up, to make it even easier to see your information. We hope you like it!

Parents Evening notifications

When creating an event administrators now have the option to send an automated email and push notification reminder to parents. Parents will receive an email when:

  • an event is added
  • when the booking window opens
  • a reminder to book (if not already booked) the day before booking closes
  • a reminder of their appointments on the day of the event.

This will encourage parents to book their own appointments, reducing the amount of bookings administrators have to make on a parents’ behalf. For full instructions, see a video on where to find the tool and how it works here.

ePay notifications

Administrators now have the option to send an automated email to parents making them aware there is a new ePay item to pay for (please note this does not include eDinner items).


Schools using the Timetable tool will see that not only is it now mobile friendly, but contacts (with parental responsibility) can now view their child’s timetable(s).

We hope you find these improvements helpful. As always, if there is anything at all we can help you with please don’t hesitate to get in touch via or 0845 557 7056.

January 20th 2019

A quick reminder of the necessary steps to ensure you can reset your eSchools password, even if your memory eludes you! Completing the below steps will take just a few moments and ensure you have access to your eSchools platform whenever you need it.

Step 1: Ensure there is a unique email address against your record within your MIS (i.e SIMS, Integris etc). If your eSchools platform does not integrate with an MIS (if you have just your website with eSchools for example), add your email address to your User details under the CP tab in eSchools instead.

Step 2: Make sure you are using your own personalised login.

That’s it! Should you ever forget your login details in the future it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. If you forget your password (even if you are working from home), you can use the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ link on your school’s eSchools login screen.
2. Click the link and enter your email address into the box on screen.
3. Click “submit”, and the reset details will be emailed directly to you.

To assist we have this helpful video available on the eSchools Academy.

If other members of staff need to be aware of regular eSchools information (including tips, updates and offers) they just need to add their email address in ‘Communication Preferences’ via the settings cog within your eSchools platform – see here for our quick walk through video.