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Forthcoming Themes:
September – ‘Check your Data’
October – ‘Parents Evening & Beyond – Engaging Your Parents’
November – ‘Overcoming Resistance’

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Prepare for September Topic 1: How teachers can prepare


The new academic year is coming! Get ready for it now!

This video will look at how eSchools tools such as projects, class pages, group pages can get you set for your new intake, save you time overall and engage your students.

Prepare for September Topic 2: How admins can prepare


The new academic year is coming! Get ready for it now!

There are lots of things that administrators can do to get ready for September; Add your new governors, consider registers to save you time, set up eDinners and populate next term’s Groups.

Prepare for September Topic 3: Website - Archiving Content


This video will put forth some ideas to help archive last year’s content and prepare for all of the exciting things you’ll want to share next term. We’ll also explain how eSchools can help tidy up your site for ease of navigation.

July: Your Questions Answered!


Submit your questions and our trainer will demonstrate the answers! If you need a solution please fill in the online form below and we’ll show you how to do it in this regular video.

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September: Check your Data

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July: Prepare for September

Topic 1: How teachers can prepare

Topic 2: How admins can prepare

Topic 3:


June: Are you using EVERYTHING?