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Forthcoming Themes:
October – ‘Parents Evening & Beyond – Engaging Your Parents’
November – ‘Overcoming Resistance’
December – ‘New Year, New Me’

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Check Your Data Topic 1: Check eSchools for MIS errors


If you use eSchools’ communication or teaching & learning tools you’ll need your  platform to accurately reflect the information held on your MIS. But what if the error is with your MIS data?

This video will look at how you can spot potential MIS errors within your eSchools platform, and what to do to resolve them.

Check Your Data Topic 2: Providing parent logins


Want to give your parents a login?

This video will talk you through this simple process; how to generate logins for new users, for individual users or how to check or amend data for parents.

Check Your Data Topic 3: Common Parents Evening errors


Most schools will be looking towards Parents Evening this month. This video will identify some common issues surrounding your data and how it can effect the Parents Evening Booking tool specifically. Missing students? Missing teachers? Tool not displaying? This video will talk through all errors and how to solve them.

September: Your Questions Answered!


Submit your questions and our trainer will demonstrate the answers! If you need a solution please fill in the online form below and we’ll show you how to do it in this regular video.

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