Recorded Catch Ups!

Short, informal videos focussing on particular elements of the eSchools platform/website editor

If you are a complete novice, need a refresher or want to know how to get the most from your platform, there'll be an instructional video for you. Take a look at our forthcoming themes below...

Take a look at our short, informal videos focussing on particular elements of the eSchools platform and website editor. A new video will appear here, but you can view it from the link in our regular newsletter the Weekly Hoot (see how to subscribe directly from the eSchools platform here)!

Videos are ever changing, but you can see forthcoming themes and topics below.

This Month’s Theme:
July – ‘Prepare for September’

Forthcoming Themes:
September – ‘First Steps’
October – ‘From Parents Evening to Full Engagement’
November – ‘Content Management’
December – ‘Website Videos’

You can also share your experiences on the monthly theme (or anything else) with the eSchools Community – help other schools and achieve your “Team Player” eBadge! See more below.

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Topic 1: Think about Now!


In this short video we’ll highlight the things you can do now, to help you prepare for September.  These include handling ePay Debt, considering leavers and how they may affect manual accounts and File access, as well as what to consider when adding new students to your MIS. We’ll also show you how to use the Parents Evening Booking System for welcome or introductory sessions.

Topic 2: Consider when you’re Closed


We don’t have to do much when we’re closed, surely?! Well, no, but consider these points if you are turning off your MIS, changing your MIS provider or server changed or setting holiday homework. This short video will also outline our responsibility to your security when you are closed.

Topic 3: Think about the First Day


When is day one? Sounds like an easy question, but if you have integrated data, you may want to consider when new students are due to pull across to the eSchools platform. This is particularly important if you wish to use registers on your first day… 

Share Your Experiences


If this month’s Catch-Up theme has resonated with you, we (and our schools) would like to hear about it! Perhaps you have followed some of this month’s advice and it has improved your use of the platform. Perhaps you have used the platform in a way we haven’t illustrated and have found that this has helped, or maybe you’ve spotted something that we have forgotten! Your first hand feedback will be added to the Academy’s Community page for all schools to access. Sharing your experiences of the eSchools platform is helpful to other schools and also lets us know which areas of the platform you are using effectively. You can also achieve the ‘Team Player’ eBadge through contributing your views (see more here). To share your stories (as well as images and video if you can!) please use the online form here.

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