Keep Security in Mind

Use Broad Strokes

Many schools like to share their news on their website as News articles and as Newsletters. This engages existing parents as well as being a resource for prospective parents to look through on their website. Newsletters are a good source of information, but a common pitfall is revealing too much about their students. Remember that by adding an article or Newsletter the world will be able to see any data on it. This includes photographs, names, ages and classes. 

In general avoid overloading your website with content; If you use the eSchools platform, letters, notifications, diary dates and classroom activity can be shared with your parents, so you do not need to put so much information on the website. Use your website to attract new parents, but use your platform to correspond with existing ones. 

SSL Certificates

Using a Chrome browser will identify websites that do not not own an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) by displaying the ‘Not Secure’ notice in the URL. 

All eSchools websites are secured with an SSL, however if you are using your own masking domain, you may wish to add an additional SSL certificate to it. These can be purchased and installed by eSchools; order directly from the banner on the website editor (see image below) or contact our support team for more information.