When using an existing website address that requires pointing to your eSchools platform successfully, you will need to update what are known as your school’s DNS settings. IMPORTANT: remember your old website will not be retrievable after these records are changed, so it is best to ensure that you have transferred all relevant information first.

Please use the following records for the DNS settings for your domain name.

 www  CNAME  domains.eschools.co.uk.
 *  CNAME  domains.eschools.co.uk.
 @  A-Record

Please note that the IP address points to a server which prefixes www. to requests.  If you exclude this A-Record, when a user goes to yourschool.co.uk, your website won’t function. They have to manually prefix the www. (e.g www.yourschool.co.uk).

Full propagation can take up to 48 hours.

Still Having Problems?

Check on a device not connected to the network (a smartphone for example); if the website appears as expected here, the issue will be with your network rather than with eSchools. If you are still experiencing difficulties, we would advise liaising with your domain/IT provider. However there are a few fundamental issues to check:

  1. Use https://www.whatsmydns.net/ to ensure that the name server is correct and not pointing to another service.
  2. Check that you are repointing the correct domain (some schools may have multiple domains – a .sch.uk one as well as a .co.uk one for example).
  3. Ensure that you are adding the full stop to the end of the CNAME.
  4. An A-Record does not need the www.