How do I book for a second child? I can only see one!

If you can only see the option of booking for one child, there is likely to be an issue with the data being passed to eSchools. Your school will be able to check the following:

  1. What MIS (Management Information System) does the school use? If they use the MIS Integris, you will be issued a separate login for each child.
  2. If the school uses an MIS other than Integris, does the parent appear on the eSchools platform more than once? This is a common occurrence for parents with more than one child at the school. A school can rectify this within their MIS by connecting one of the parent records to the children records, then removing the additional accounts.
  3. Does the parent have parental responsibility for the child in question? Again, a school can check within eSchools and rectify this in their MIS.
  4. Is there a court order against the parent within the MIS? If this is the case, but shouldn’t be, this can be changed in the school’s MIS.