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7th September 2021

Our weekly newsletter has a new name – The Weekly Hoot is the news you have ‘owl’ been waiting for! Take a look at the new edition here and subscribe to receive the update directly to you inbox too. See how here.

22nd July 2021

Should you require any assistance over the summer, our email and support lines will remain open. If you have any questions about how to make the most of the fantastic features within eSchools or even give your website a fresh look for the new academic year, please do get in touch!

19th July 2021

Your MIS is likely to update regularly throughout the year. This will rarely affect the connection to eSchools, however a change to the main server could affect the ongoing transfer of information from the MIS to eSchools. Turning off, upgrading or moving an MIS server could disrupt the connection, and cause a problem with attendance data displayed on eSchools. 

Be aware of this if…

… you are TURNING OFF your main MIS server over the Summer break. Remember to turn it on in good time before the first day of term so that any missed updates can occur before new student data can be imported.

… you are CHANGING YOUR MIS or server over the Summer break. If so, please let our Support team know, as you will need a re-installation of software from our integration partners at Wonde. 

16th July

App updates are now imminent, both for IOS and Android  – look out for these updates from Monday!

14th July 2021

A reminder about your website design! Your school may want to update the website for the new year or maybe you are welcoming a new Head in September and they want to change the look of the school website.

If you’re looking for a brand new look, remember you can have a new design with eSchools at any time! Not only that, but you do not have to change or move any of your content, and you can use the same, familiar website editor, so there’s no need for additional training (however if you need more, let us know – it’s free)!  What’s more, a redesign with eSchools is so much more cost-effective than a completely new website! Click here for more details on prices and design examples.

12th July 2021

Here’s a reminder to join our FREE live webinar on Tuesday 13th July at 10am or 2pm! If you are an administrator or a teacher, this online presentation is full of the advice you need to ensure the September starts smoothly, covering topics such as website management, MIS preparation and points to think about before the end of term.

If you can’t make this, there’s lots of advice on how teachers and administrators can start preparing for September within the eSchools Academy. For Teacher tips, click here, and for administrator tips, click here.

9th July 2021

We need your thoughts on all aspects of the eSchools platform! Whether you use the website only, the communication functions or the teaching and learning tools, we’re looking for new ways to update and improve the way eSchools can help you engage with students, colleagues and parents. Your feedback is hugely important to the direction eSchools goes as we embark on a major development overhaul. If you love the current tools or wish they could be improved – we need your views!

Click here to be directed to a questionnaire specific to the tools you use. We thank you for any time taken to share your opinions with us.

7th July 2021

Now may be a good time to check through your website is accessible as possible. We have a full list of tips on how you can achieve this on our Advice Collection area:

5th July 2021

Your neighbouring schools may be looking for an online platform, a new website or an all in one solution ready for September; why not refer them to eSchools and earn a £50 Amazon voucher in the process! If you know a school who would benefit from using our easy-to-use online tools, tell us about them and earn rewards for your school too! 

2nd July 2021

We are hosting a FREE live webinar on Tuesday 13th July at 2pm! If you are an administrator or a teacher, this online presentation is full of the advice you need to ensure September starts smoothly, covering topics such as website management, MIS preparation and points to think about before the end of term. Register your interest here.

1st July 2021

Induction meetings for new students as they move up a year in September are becoming more and more popular. Using the Parents Evening booking tool within eSchools to conduct these is a great tool to achieve this!

If you are considering creating these events, remember that as your MIS updates over the Summer, students and teachers will move from one class to another, and the events may be wrong or lost by the time September rolls around. However, there is a way to do this preparation prior to next term; assign the students within manually made GROUPS rather than CLASSES. Any changes in your MIS will not affect the groups you have created. For more information on Groups click here or the Parent’s Evening Booking system click here!

30th June 2021

If you are an ePay user, put some consideration towards any outstanding debtors you may have now. It’s worth chasing any outstanding payments before those students leave the school and are removed from your MIS (SIMS, ScholarPack, CMIS etc.).

28th June 2021

Get ready for September!

It’s never too early to be looking towards the next Academic Year, and we have added new content to our advice collection area with tips on this subject. We have also split the advice into guidance for Administrators and Teachers.

If you’re looking to get yourself ahead before the Summer Holidays, take a look at these tips today!

24th June 2021

It’s always important to remind schools the process regarding locked accounts. If a password is entered incorrectly too many times, this will cause the account to become locked. This is a security feature to ensure passwords are not forced by those other than the user. If your account has become locked there are two ways to unlock it:

1, Contact the school office. Any admin has the ability to unlock an account.

2, Reset your password, using the forgotten password link on the login page. This will check your email address against the one the school has for you in their records. So ensure that this is present in your MIS (SIMS, Arbour, Scholarpack etc.). This also needs to be unique in your MIS – many Primary schools tend to add a parent’s email address to the student’s as well as the parent’s record. If this is the case, the system cannot identify you as an individual and you will need to contact the school administrator. Schools should investigate this and remove the parent’s email from the student’s record.

“Hold on!” you’re thinking! “It’s the admin account that has been locked!” There is a very simple way to avoid this happening – ensure your admin staff have individual logins! That way, you can ensure they have an email address against their record and can generate a new password if necessary. Please AVOID the situation whereby multiple administrators login using a generic account as this could cause issues if the password has been forgotten.

21st June 2021

All of our websites have a domain ending ‘’, but you may have a masking domain over the top of that. Your masking domain name is something separate from the website itself and it is worth knowing who has access to manage this – in many cases, it will be your local authority, in a few cases it may even be eSchools! But we have seen in the past that it may be managed by an individual – a governor, a member of staff, sometimes even a parent – and this can make it very difficult for schools to manage their domain in the future. If your domain is managed by an individual, or you’re not sure who manages your domain, take a look at the possible implications in our article here.

18th June 2021

We recommend taking this opportunity to look at the content of your website and ensure that it includes all of the required information for DfE compliance. A checklist (updated as of February 2021) is available from the assets page, which you can use to target any items that need to be refreshed or added.

14th June 2021

This week is Healthy Eating Week, so if your dinners are changing to mark this event, check our eDinners page here to see how you can easily make temporary amendments…

11th June 2021

Don’t miss our regular Tweets – there’s lots more information posted on our Twitter page: @eschools

10th June 2021

This month, we are focussing on websites, with tips to ensure your website is tidy, compliant and easy to navigate for all users. We’re also promoting the opportunity to refresh your design ready for the new academic year! Stay tuned to our communication channels to see all of the information, advice and offers available to you!

8th June 2021

The Weekly Guide should land in your inbox today! In this week’s edition there’s a tantalising look at the updated app. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the Guide see how to do it here!

7th June 2021

Welcome back! We hope you are feeling rested after the half term and are ready for the last few weeks of the academic year!

1st June 2021

Although it’s only 1st June, it’s never too early to prepare for September. Remember that for schools that use the  communication tools and teaching & learning tools, eSchools will use data imported from your MIS. This data is likely to change in September, as users will be added, students will leave and classes may be renamed. Keep an eye on our news channels to ensure that your school is prepared for these changes. We will remind you of the ways in which these changes can affect your eSchools data as we progress towards the end of term.