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Bulk Delete

Submitted by: Uncredited School (West Midlands)
Posted on: 14.2.2020

“Each term we use the Bulk Delete tool to jettison old, out-of-date Letters Home. Our school makes sure that the communications we carry are relevant so that we are not carrying too much data. This is important both for housekeeping and for GDPR purposes. On the odd occasion that we need to refer back to a previous Letters Home, holding fewer of them makes this process much easier.”


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To find out more about deleting Letters Home, see our instructional video here.

Setting up a Parents Evening Event


Submitted by: Uncredited School (South West)
Posted on: 18.2.2020

“We telephoned eSchools Support just to check through our Parents Evening event before opening it to parents. They were very helpful and gave us lots of advice on how long to give parents to make a booking, how to ensure teachers could book breaks and lots more. This gave us the opportunity to look at the set-up from a parents’ point of view and what would be fair for them. For example, we decided to avoid opening the booking window before a forthcoming half term so that we could be on hand to assist parents if they required it.”


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To find out more about setting up a Parents Evening event, see our instructional video here.

Our Support team are happy to check over an event before you want to open it to parents. Find our contact details here.