Achieve and earn eBadges with eSchools!

There’s a whole range of attainable badges for you to achieve just by using the eSchools platform! The more you use the tools in your platform, the more eBadges you can collect!

The eBadges scheme will show you how:
  • to get the most out of your eSchools platform
  • to save time using the tools available to you
  • your eSchools platform can help encourage parental engagement.
More awards will be introduced to cover all areas of the eSchools platform, subscribe to the Weekly Guide to be informed of new eBadges.

You may be wondering what you need to do to achieve eBadges – the answer is: simply keep using your eSchools platform and website! When you’ve earned a badge, we’ll be in touch with how you can add eBadges to your website and let everyone know about your successes!

See the current range of eBadges below…


Welcome Back

Team Player

Event Expert

Orderly Oracle

Town Crier

Content Commander


Seasonal Star