Communicating with parents during the cold snap

25 Feb 2018

With yet another cold snap around the corner, we thought we’d share some top tips for keeping parents up-to-date with the latest news from your school.

Your School Website
One of the first places parents can look for weather related announcements is your school website. We recommend using the ‘important message’ feature to catch their eye. See how here.

Letters Home
Send announcements straight to parents’ email inboxes. Letters Home will automatically be sent to the mobile app too, reaching parents on the go. Take a quick tour here.

Text Notifications
If snow is on the horizon, text messages are a great way of getting announcements out quickly. What’s more, if your parents have the eSchools app you can make use of the free text notifications – both speedy and cost effective! Learn how to get started here.

If you are surrounded by snow you may as well embrace it, so don’t forget to utilise the ‘Let There Be Snow!’ feature on your eSchools website! Control your website’s weather here!