Coming to eSchools next week…

4 Mar 2018

It’s been an unusual week…it’s not often the beginning of March is heralded with Siberian winds and a deluge of snow! Today we have news of what’s coming to eSchools next week.

Broadcast Messages

Due to popular demand, this week will see the release of a broadcast option for our ‘Messages’ tool, available for administrators and teachers. The broadcast option will enable messages to be sent without the recipient being able to reply. This is a great way to update a large group of people in your school, without creating a large thread of responses.

To use this new feature all you’ll need to do is enable the ‘Broadcast only’ option on the compose screen. This option will be available on the app as well as the web platform (see below a screenshot of this feature on the app).

App update

An exciting update is coming to the app this week which will benefit users with multiple eSchools accounts. We’ve built a new feature that allows you to be logged in to multiple accounts at the same time, therefore allowing you to receive push notifications for each separate account. We hope this will be helpful for parents with children in different schools, enabling them to manage all their communications inside the app.

As well as this new feature we have upgraded push notifications which will increase performance and we’ve also added a PDF viewer into the app.