Can I have a hit counter on my website?

Why we discourage hit counters and a built-in alternative to using them.

You may need to know how many people have visited your website, but putting a visible hit counter on your homepage is not the best solution; they are normally slow and increase the time it takes for your pages to load. But most importantly, a hit counter doesn’t provide you with all of the information you need.

If your site does not get many visitors, all it’s going to do is make sure that the visitors you do get know that they are not visiting a popular site. If anything, all this will do is discourage them from exploring your web site in detail. On the other hand, if your website gets lots of traffic it is because you are doing something right, and having a hit counter isn’t going to affect this.

Instead, use the built-in link to Google Analytics, where you can see your visitor numbers plus so much more. To set this up, go to and follow the online process. It will provide you with a code to drop into the Google Analytics box on the Settings page. Once this has been entered Google will begin to track the data on the traffic visiting your site – giving you visitor numbers and much more (which pages people are going to, where in the world people are visiting your site, what browsers they use etc.).