Can I get a list of existing pupil passwords? No. This is purely down to security reasons. You can reset all passwords within a class – see more here.

Can I get a list of new pupil passwords? When new users are added to the platform an Administrator can download their login details from their dashboard, and these will be available for 30 days only.

Can Students change their passwords? Students can change their password from the cog icon in the top right of their platform at any time.

Won’t Students be changing their password and forgetting it all of the time? Potentially, but it important for Students to realise how passwords contribute to online safety. Teachers can reset a Student’s password at any time (see here for more details). This is quicker and vastly more secure than teachers having to carry around a list of passwords, which could get lost. We advise that you don’t but if you still want to turn this facility off, it’s possible – remove the My Setting function from Students under Modules (see here for more details).