Can I create a class page in advance?

Yes - although beware of MIS changes...

Yes, you can create a class page in advance – however, please be aware that the structure of a class may change within your MIS as you go from one academic year to another. For example some schools change the name of a class each year (usually because the initials of the teacher is included within the class name – as the teacher changes classes, so does the class name); if this is the case, eSchools will assume that this is a brand new class, and if the change is made on the first day of the new term, any content you have added prior to this will be lost. Admins can however make this change sooner, giving you ample opportunity to add content. If this is something you would like more information on, please talk to our support team.

It is also worth being aware that teachers are moved from class to class within the MIS, so if you are moving to a new class next term, there is little point in updating your existing class page in the interim. Ask an administrator to connect you to the new class first, and you’ll be able to add content in preparation here.

See how to add content to a class page via the link below.