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Parent Letter

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Website Tips

Website Tips

Website Accessibility

Provision for Fire Drills and Power/Internet Loss

Fire Registers Example

Department for Education (DfE) Website Requirement Checklists

Maintained Schools (PDF) – November 18 OHC Template
Maintained Schools (Word) – November 18 OHC Template

Academies (PDF) – OHC (Academies) – KS12 November 2018
Academies (Word) – OHC (Academies) – KS12 November 2018

Data Collection Sheets

Download an example of a data collection sheet that you can use with your parents, which explains what eSchools is and the data required to ensure that they can can make the most out of the platform.

Communication tools: Data Collection (Comms tools)
All tools: Data Collection (All tools)

Additional Administrator User Guides

Administrator – Login 

Additional Teacher User Guides

Teacher- Timetable 
Teacher- Notifications
Teacher – Login

Additional Contact/Parent User Guides

Parent – Login

Additional Governor User Guides

Governor – Login