Advice Collection – Make Your Website WOW!

Condense Navigation

As the academic year proceeds it’s easy to allow your categories to grow, which can sometimes make your website difficult for visitors to navigate. Condense categories, adopt concise titles and keep your website manageable.

Fill Homepage Panels

Ensure your homepage is full of content by ensuring all panels are used. Your website can look sparse if these areas are empty. You may be able to exchange the content that pulls through to these sections or you may wish to change what appears here by adapting your design.

Important Notice

The important notice tool is a great way of alerting your visitors; however, overuse it and it can lose its impact. It’s also important to ensure it is turned off when not in use.

Use Sub-Categories

Ensure your navigation bar is not unwieldy. Condense navigation by employing sub-categories, making it easier for visitors to find the information they need.

Concise Pages

Ensure pages are concisely named, and within a relevant category. Use internal links to assist your visitors journey. Consider turning off seasonal or occasional pages or hide them from public view until required.

Declutter Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing visitors see, so make a great first impression. Ensure that this area is uncluttered, contains current and relevant information and use it to encourage visitors to explore further.

Mobile View Matters

Be aware that your website may display differently depending on the device you are viewing it on. Remember that most visitors will be looking at your website on a mobile device like a smartphone. Bear this in mind when adding content.

Help Your Parents

If you are keen for parents to login to eSchools regularly, consider adding a page of helpful tips for them on your website; populate your advice page with videos, downloadable guides or frequently asked questions. Not only will this help them, it may also give them the answers before asking your administrators directly.

Keep Security In Mind

Remember that your website is public –  a common pitfall is revealing too much about their students. Remember that by adding an article the world will be able to see any data on it (photographs, names, ages and classes). You may also wish to add an SSL certificate to your masking domain so that Chrome displays as ‘secure’.


Plan the structure for class pages so that they do not become content heavy as you progress through the year. Consider archiving or deleting pages at the end of each academic year.