Advice Collection – Teacher Time Saving

Regular Use

Adding to Projects regularly basis benefits students who are learning from home and in-school too.

Auto Marking

Using the Quiz tool will automatically mark answers, saving valuable marking-time, and giving your pupils instant feedback! 

Target Audience

Share content and resources with students and their parents in a more direct way.

Initiate Engagement

Ensure your students are confident with the platform so that time is not lost each time it’s used in the classroom.

TIP: Make Home Learning Easy

If online resources for your students are limited, our Homework tool will allow for students who need to complete assignments manually. For students that need to collect study packs and resources, why not use the Parents Evening Booking tool to organise time slots for easy collection?


Stay in touch with colleagues, share files and keep responses in one place.

Forward Planning

How to save yourself time by looking ahead, preparing future work or reusing previous exercises.

Share the Load

Take advantage of work that others have created, or allow access for other members of staff to contribute to classes and groups.

Divide Workload

Engage different sets of students by using the Group facility. Filter ability tiers and target homework.