Advice Collection – Teacher Solutions

Cut Time Marking!

Are you taking a stack of exercise books home each night for marking? Do you want to cut that time right down? With eSchools, you can mark online, monitor work as it’s completed and make your life easier!

Homework Solutions

With homework, file storage and calendars, eSchools can assist teachers to remind students (and their parents) about due assignments. Students can also keep their schoolwork in one place and online; Parents can monitor success and attainment through their login too!

Hit Curriculum Targets

Through the eSchools platform, there are a number of ways students can achieve and record their successes. If you want to hit the relevant Curriculum Targets easily, eSchools can help. As a teacher you can access and save their attainments all in the one place!

Minimise Prep Time

If you’re running out of cupboard space for folders, worksheets and records, use the facilities available to you with eSchools. Store, amend and reuse resources and Homework tasks simply and easily. Use our unlimited storage to keep work online!

Share with Colleagues

Whether you are a small or large school, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s thoughts and opinions. With eSchools, you can record work and views online. Collaborate with colleagues easily using Groups, Files and Classes. It’s also easy to share notes through Messages and Staff Chat!

Regular Annual Topics

Do you teach regular topics each year? Upload documents, videos, homework and other resources ONCE and you can reuse them for different intakes year on year. Save time with Projects.

Reminding Parents

Want to ensure your parents are aware of some classroom news? Don’t want to burden your administrator by asking them to send a message or text? Sending notes home with students certainly isn’t a foolproof way of ensuring parents get the relevant message – but there is more than one alternative for you…

Ability Tiers

Keeping work separate for different ability tiers can be difficult in terms of storage and distinction, but it doesn’t have to be with eSchools. Using Files and Groups you can easily differentiate and store work and resources for as many different sets of students as you need.

Work for Absentees

If a student is poorly, do you need to send some tasks home with a neighbour? And hope they remember to drop it off? Why not do it online? It’s instant, easy and an ill child can easy keep up with the class!

Student Lists

It can be tough keeping track of students especially when you take charge of additional clubs, groups and sports teams. Printable class lists can help you register students offline, monitor participation and record scores, especially if you are offsite. These lists can double as handy manual registers if you need to record student presence outside of the classroom or on a trip!