Advice Collection – Save Money

Encourage the App

eSchools will convert texts into notifications to the eSchools app, which cost NOTHING! Encourage your users to download the app (which is FREE too) to help you reduce communication costs! The more app users you have, the more you save! See how parents download the app via the link below.

Consider Text Bundles

Monitor text usage through statistics, which can inform you of which text bundle to buy next; maybe you need more (in which case, consider a larger bundle for a smaller fee per text) or less (in which case consider a smaller bundle). Either way, managing your texts can save you more than you think!

Streamline Third Parties

eSchools is an all-in-one solution meaning schools need not go elsewhere for website, teaching or communication tools. Access everything in one place, do away with additional third party providers and make considerable savings! If you wish to increase your eSchools tools, we can extend your package. Talk to our Support team today!

Increase Your Contract

eSchools will offer discounts to those who increase their contract for longer than the agreed term. If you love eSchools, consider extending your contract – there are considerable savings to be made, simply for staying with us! Click the button below to speak to a member of our support team for further information on this.

Time is Money!

eSchools will save you considerable time, whether you are an administrator, student or teacher – if you believe time is money and want to fit more into your busy day, the platform will save you even more. Take a look at some of our time saving scenarios by clicking the button below.

Refer a Friend

We reward you for referring a neighbouring school! Based on your advocation, not only will they get all the benefits of the eSchools platform, you’ll get a discount on your current contract! The more referrals you put forward, the bigger the discount you’ll receive!