Advice Collection: MIS Matters

Turning your MIS off?

Consider any changes you make to your MIS server; If you are thinking of turning it off, or updating it can effect your eSchools platform.

Importance of email addresses

Ensure there is a unique email address against a user’s record within your MIS; this can ensure everyone can reset their eSchools password when their memory eludes them!

Combined Student-Parents

It’s possible to confuse attaching students to contacts in your MIS, resulting in a combined Student-Contact account in eSchools. Here’s how to identify the issue and how it may affect other tools.

Duplicate Users

It’s easy to add contacts into your MIS more than once – especially if they have multiple children at the school. This can lead to confusion for your parents. Here’s how to spot this within your eSchools platform.

Updating Data

What is the best way of updating my data? When does data in my MIS update in eSchools? Why is data in eSchools not updating in my MIS? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more!

Missing Users

Why would some users not appear within eSchools? How come some users can see some tools but not others? See how data within your MIS can affect how users see their platform in eSchools.

Changing to a new MIS?

If you are changing MIS provider, this may have some implications for your eSchools platform. Find out what to expect and why you need to let us know in good time.