Advice Collection: Get Ready for September (Admins)

Update Your Website?

New Head starting in September? Maybe they want to overhaul your website design – or maybe you fancy a change to highlight the new year! Changes to your website design can be low cost, and you do not need to transfer any of your content! See more on this by clicking the link below.

MIS Matters

Turning off your MIS machine over the Summer? Updating your server? Moving from one MIS to another?

Halting the import into eSchools may cause issues upon your return in September. See more on this by clicking the link below.

Ensure Access When You're Closed

The Forgotten Password link on your login screen can help users if their mind goes blank! However, it will only work if there is a unique email address in your system to verify them. Ensure they can do this before the Summer holidays so that everyone has access when you are closed. See more on this by clicking the link below.


Leavers will automatically be removed from the platform once their leaving date (held in your MIS) has elapsed. Parents will also automatically be removed once all connected students have left. If you have any anomalies on your eSchools platform, please check your MIS to see if you need to rectify the data there. Click the link below for more information on how eSchools takes data from your MIS.

Top Up Text Credits

Make sure you’re prepared for the year ahead with enough text credits in hand. Check on the statistics table to see how many you have used in the past. If you’ve not used too many, consider a smaller bundle. Perhaps you’ve used a lot? Consider a larger bundle at a lower price per text. Click the link to see more on Text Bundles

New Staff

Don’t forget, we offer free over the phone training for new staff. Please use our Contact Page to arrange a suitable time for one of our team to give you a call.