Advice Collection – Get Ready for September (Teachers)

Holiday Homework

If you’re a teacher and thinking of setting some holiday homework – make sure your students know their password! If they can’t login over the holidays, they may not be able to complete their work! You can update their password prior to the end of term easily! See more on this by clicking the link below.

Class Pages

Set out your Class Page prior to day one! Add pictures, text, videos and more, so that your students are aware of notices and class topics as soon as the term starts. Take a look at how to do this (and how to avoid pitfalls as your MIS changes from year to year) via the link below.

Simple Registers

The Simple Register streamlines the process of taking the register and populates your SIMS, based on attendance marks added by teachers. Even if you already use our registration tool, you may not be aware that our simplified version will help to streamline the process further. See more on this by clicking the link below.

Prepare Projects

You can set all of your Projects for the year in advance! The Projects can be seen by your students, or not – think of your Projects area as a storage area for your class activities. Get prepared for next term and add class work here ahead of time.

Spring Clean Files

Now’s the time to take a look at the files you have added throughout the year and delete any that you no longer need. You may also want to prepare a new file structure for the next term so you are ready to add and share files upon your return.

Clear/Archive Web Content

If you update the school website with a dedicated class page, you may want to remove any content on this page ready to add new content for the year ahead. Or you may want to archive the old page and create a new one. To see more on hiding pages from public view, click the link below.