Advice Collection – Engage Parents

Monitor Class Activity

What’s going on in the classroom? Your child’s teacher can update parents by populating the online class notice board and you can receive all the news and notices through your secure login! Teachers can see how to update the Class Notice Board by clicking on the button below.

Monitor Homework

Ever asked your child if they have any homework? Take the guesswork out by checking homework for your child through eSchools! You can also see past homework and monitor progression throughout the year! See how a parent views homework by clicking the button below.

Monitor Attendance

Check overall attendance for your children on the platform or on the app. You can quickly ensure that your child is where they should be when the first bell goes! See what a parent can see on the app by clicking on the button below.

Direct Events

Using the internal calendar you can ensure that your parents see the events that apply to them only! You can also safeguard events by not showing them on the school website. No longer will parents have to wade through a whole school calendar to find the events that concern them! See how to filter attendees by clicking the button below.

Targetted Communications

Save on the number of campaigns going to your parents by targeting your communications to the right people. If the news affects one class, one year group or just one parent, you can easily filter your recipients. Your parents will thank you that they only receive emails and texts that concern them! See how to filter recipients by clicking the button below.

Book Consultations Easily

Take the effort out of Parents Evening by making your bookings through eSchools. It’s just a few clicks on your platform or app! Need to change that appointment? No problem – make amendments at the push of a button! You can even print out appointments so you don’t forget! See how parents book appointments by clicking the button below.

Don't Worry - Be Appy!

Parents can download the app and get all the communications they need directly to their smartphone. Not only will it ensure that your parents stay up to date, but it will also save money on texts! The app is FREE to download for iPhone and Android devices. Click the button below to see what a parent can do on the eSchools app

Secure Login

Parents can feel safe in the knowledge that their login is safe and secure. A unique login will be created per user and managed by the school directly. Click the button below to see further details on a parent’s secure login.

Retain Access at All Times

By ensuring your details are up to date with the school, you can make sure you can gain access at all times. Your school will be able to manage your account if you run into any difficulties! Click the button below to see more information.