Advice Collection: End of Year Tips

Tidy Letters Home

You may have sent quite a few Letters Home over the previous year; now is the time to clear away old correspondence – the Delete button will not only delete it for you, it will also remove the Letter from the Letters Home section for the user you sent it to. You can also delete in bulk by setting a date, to clear everything sent prior to it.

Sending Reports

The end of the academic year is often the time schools wish to send evaluations to parents using the Letters Home function. Because you are sending individual campaigns this can be a slow process. Click the link below to see our advice on how to make this task easier.

Chase Leaving Debtors

If you are an ePay user, put some consideration towards any outstanding debtors you may have now. It’s worth chasing any outstanding payments before those students leave the school and are removed from your MIS (SIMS, ScholarPack, CMIS etc.).

For more information regarding ePay, click the link below.

Tidy Your Website

Your website may need a little ‘tidy-up’ after a year of sharing news and information with parents. Delete or hide any unnecessary pages or sub categories. We can assist if you need to move content from one category to another, but we would also advise you to take a look at the range of tips via the link below to really make your website stand out.

Introduction Interviews

If you are creating induction meetings for new students as they move up a year in September, remember that as your MIS updates over the Summer, students and teachers will move from one class to another, and the events may be wrong or lost by the time September rolls around. However, if you assign the students within manually made GROUPS rather than CLASSES, any changes in your MIS will not affect the groups you have created. See more via the link below.

Tidy MIS Content

Take the time to look at your MIS data; are there any errors you can tidy up as you enter details on your new intake? This may also ensure that your users have access to eSchools throughout the summer. Take a look at our MIS tips via the link below.