Advice Collection – Communication Tips

Check Statistics

Managing your texts can save you more than you think! Use your handy statistics panel on the Text Sender screen to inform you of which text bundle to buy next.

Need more? Consider a larger bundle for a smaller fee per text.

Need less? Consider purchasing a smaller bundle.

Click the link below for more information on Monitoring Statistics.

Benefits of Groups

Once groups have been created you can use them to save time in sending communications. Admins can create groups easily, adding only the names of children and teachers involved (our communications systems will identify their associated contacts). Admins will also be able to send correspondence to groups created by teachers; these will display for admins under recipients as they begin typing the name of the group. Click the link below to see more on Groups.

Filtering Users

Avoid excessive sharing of information by ensuring your campaigns are reaching a targeted audience. Filter recipients for each campaign you send, initially, by user type (eg. teacher, contact, governor etc.), year group, class, group or individual. From there, you can filter your recipients further depending on whether they are a priority one contact or have parental responsibility. You can even remove individual names from the final list of filtered recipients. See more on filtering by looking at our Text Sender tool here or clicking the link below to see more on Letters Home.

Broadcast Only

With Messages, you can send an internal note to anyone with a login. You may not be aware that you can set that internal note to be ‘Broadcast Only,’ meaning that a recipient will not be able to reply. This is perfect for sending announcements to groups and classes, without the inconvenience of reading replies. See a short video on how to apply this by clicking the link below.

Encourage App Downloads

eSchools will convert texts into notifications to the eSchools app, which cost NOTHING! Encourage your users to download the app (which is FREE too) to help you reduce communication costs! The more app users you have, the more you save! See how parents download the app via the link below.

Back Up Texts

You can choose to send a backup text at cost to your app users via the panel on the left to whoever doesn’t read the notification in an allotted time. With this facility you can specify the time in which app users have to read their push notification before the backup text is sent. The system will only send a backup text to the recipient who has not yet read it on their app, so it will save you costs as much as it can. This facility is perfect for emergencies such as cancelled activities or school closures. Click the link below to see more on how this works.

Best Channels

Remember that there are other ways to reach your audience besides the Letters Home and Text Sender tool. For example Teachers can add announcements to their Class Page, which can be seen by their students and their parents via their individual logins. Posting items here regularly (like a notice board) will encourage your parents and students to regularly login to check the latest news. Click the link below to see more on how Teachers can add to their classpage.

Avoid Rush Hour

Just like a main road, the flow of comms can reach periods of heavy traffic during the week. When this occurs, your campaign (particularly a large one) may take a little longer to reach its destination than usual. Consider avoiding these peak times (Friday afternoon, Monday morning), or use the scheduler to send the campaign (later or even over the weekend) to ensure your Letters Home/Text Messages reach their intended audience promptly and with ease. Click the link below to find out more about scheduling a Letter Home.

Review Your Reports

Want to know which parents have read your campaign and even when they opened it? You can quickly identify this information, along with any anomalies, such as unsubscribed users, ‘cleaned’ email addresses or mistakes in your MIS by monitoring the report created after each Letter Home or Text. Click on the title of any sent campaign to view the report, Click the link below to find out more about unsubscribed/cleaned email addresses.