Ascertain whether the parent cannot see the email appearing in their inbox or the Letters Home function on their App. If they cannot see it on their App, ensure that the Module for Letters Home has been added for Contacts. Follow this link to see more information. If the module has been added please advise the parent to log out of the app and in again.

Has the parent changed their email address? Please check to see if the correct email address is appearing in eSchools. Follow this link to see more information.

Is the email is going into the Parents’ spam folder? Please advise them to check there first. 

Has the parent inadvertently clicked the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of a previous email? Please use the contact page to add the parent’s email address we can look into it for you.

If this has not resolved the issue, please use the contact page for us to look into it for you.